Membership Agreements

The Free Masons Riding Club is comprised entirely of Freemasons, and our lifetime members must be Master Masons in good-standing with their Lodges, we entrust the good name and logo of the organization to our individual members. By submitting an application for membership to Free Masons Riding Club you understand and agree that no less requirements will be expected of you than that to which you have already obligated yourself. You agree to be faithful to the trust, respectful of your Brethren, and bind yourself to your respective obligations – at all times. The Free Masons Riding Club considers its logo (in any and all forms) Masonic jewelry and shall be worn by each of its members with equal pleasure to themselves and honor to the fraternity. No less should be required of our members.

Basically: Conduct yourself accordingly when wearing the Free Masons Riding Club Insignia. Act as though you were in Lodge.

As Freemason Motorcyclists, we must adhere to the principals of Freemasonry even more so than other similar Riding Organizations.

Large Back Patch: There is a lease fee of $75.00 on the back patch (Shield).  Lease is for the duration of your membership.  The Back Patch must be returned upon separation from the FMRC.

At this time, we are not aware of any Grand Lodge that would allow an Entered Apprentice or Fellow Craft to wear the FMRC Shield. Because of this, our Bylaws have been amended to disallow EA’s & FC’s to wear it.  We are unable to lease an FMRC Shield to EA’s & FC’s until they are raised.

Bringing dishonor to the Masonic Fraternity, causing discord in the Free Masons Riding Club, or causing problems with Motorcycle Clubs, Riding Clubs or other type organizations can result in immediate termination of your membership.  The Free Masons Riding Club Grand Chapter Officers have the right to reject and/or terminate membership.

State Captains have the authority, with the approval of the National Director, to suspend your membership and take possession of the Free Masons Riding Club Shield, until reviewed by the Grand Chapter, if a complaint is filed.

If your membership is terminated within 14 days of application, your initiation fees will be returned upon receipt of all Freemasons Riding Club articles, including and not limited to membership card and all patches.

If your application is not approved, your initiation fees will be returned.

Being in possession of Free Masons Riding Club Shields (Back Patch) after membership has been terminated by the member or by the Free Masons Riding Club, is considered being in possession of stolen property. All necessary actions will be taken to retrieve these items.

All Free Masons Riding Club shields are the property of the Free Masons Riding Club, anyone in possession of one without being a duly authorized member, will be prosecuted.

A member is not allowed to sell, give or cause the FMRC Shield to placed in the possession of another person.

You agree to inform family members, upon your death, they will (1) bury/cremate you with your vest and Shield, (2) return your Shield to the Free Masons Riding Club or (3) give the Shield to a FMRC Chapter Officer to have it properly place in a Shadow box for the family.

You agree to inform family members, upon your death, any and all FMRC merchandise must not be sold to the general public thru estates sales, garage sales, eBay or any other manner. It may be given, sold to another Free Masons Riding Club member or destroyed.

Only the Grand Chapter of the Free Masons Riding Club may produce any items using the logo of the Freemasons Riding Club without written consent of the Grand Chapter. This includes the words Free Masons RC, Free Masons Riding Club & FMRC. Any and all items with the Free Masons RC logo, must be purchased through the Grand Chapter, or have written consent.

You are agreeing to the terms of membership by submitting an application for membership into the Free Masons Riding Club.

Other rules may apply and/or become part of this agreement without further notice.

  • 19th Annual FMRC Family Reunion 2024