Freemasons Riding Club    Grand Chapter
PO Box 93     Brush Creek, TN 38547     Phone  615 975 0600

Membership to Freemasons RC is limited to Master Masons, recognized by the Grand Lodge of their State or Territory.

Entered Apprentices and Fellow Crafts are welcomed as provisional members. Full membership is achieved upon being raised to the Sublime degree of Master Mason.

If you would like information on becoming a Member, or starting your own chapter, email us at or you can join online.

Membership is lifetime and is $75.00. Membership is valid, as long as you hold a Current and Valid Dues card from your Blue Lodge. Membership fee does not include the cost of Back Patches. Back Patches remain the property of Freemasons RC. There is a rental fee of $65.00 on the back patch. Rental is for the duration of your membership. The Back Patch must be returned upon separation from the FMRC..   If you want a Back Patch let us know.  Membership and a Back patch total $140.00

We do not have yearly Dues. (Chartered Chapters pay $20 per year.)

All Membership to Freemasons RC is through the Grand Chapter only. If you join a Chartered Chapter, your chapter may have yearly dues. It is up to each Chapter to decide if and what amount dues will be.

Charter for a new Chapter is $50.00 This is a one time setup fee, and the chapter pays $20 per year dues, no matter how many members the chapter has. There is no individual assessment.

Any and all items with the Freemasons RC logo, must be purchased through the Grand Chapter, or have written consent. Chartered Chapters receive a 15-20% discount, depending on items. (No discounts on Back Patches)

Notice: Back patches of Members located outside the United States will have the American Flag. If there are 24 or more, in one Country we can have that Country's Flag included.

If you would like to join online now, go to

Name: ____________________________                                Your Blue Lodge Information:

Address: __________________________                                  Name & No.: ___________________

City: _________________St____ Zip____                                 City & State: ___________________

Phone: _________ Email: _______________@____________

Nickname:___________  Masonic Rank    ___ EA    ___ FC    ___ MM    ___ PM

If a Brother Mason has a problem while traveling, may we call on you for help? Please indicate your acceptance by checking off the items you can supply below:

___Tools    ___Trailer or Pickup (To haul a Bike)     ____Room for a night if stranded

___Local Information    ___Mechanical & Repair Skills      ___Room to store a Bike if stranded.



Yes, I want to join:

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